JLO Tournament Edition Trick Sticks (Assorted)

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The Joe Luke Outdoors (JLO) senko-style baits, or as we call them Trick Sticks, have taken the fishing world by storm. Estimates say that over 10 million were sold in the first year. JLO Trick Sticks are great for bass and are salted & scented with a specially engineered formula to help you catch more and larger fish!

JLO Trick Sticks have a wide range of uses and has a subtle natural action. It's become a favorite for pro anglers worldwide. These are NOT your normal plastic worms! Impregnated with a large amount of salt in the body, it creates a realistic fall rate that drives fish crazy!

Try our Trick Sticks with a texas rig, wacky style, or weightless and you're sure to catch more fish!