Tungsten Flipping Jigs (Bass Annihilators)

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The Bass Annihilator Tungsten Flipping Jigs are the new must-have item in the bass angler's toolbox. These will be the last flipping jigs you will ever want to own! JLO Tungsten Flipping Jigs are constructed with 97% pure tungsten, which provides a more compact profile than lead jigs of the same weight. The profile combined with the streamlined shape of the heads allows for increased sensitivity and fewer hang-ups

Add that to the super sharp black nickel hooks (4/0 on the 3/8oz and 5/0 on the 1/2oz), add your favorite trailer, and you have a jig that'll annihilate Bass of all types, helping you get your Personal Best (PB) and being the envy of all of your angler buddies!

Our tungsten flipping jigs come with:

  • Super sharp Mustad hooks
  • Premium soft-cut silicon skirts
  • Special powder coated head that resists chipping

The JLO Bass Annihilators are available in a range of colors and engineered/designed to be the best flipping jigs you've ever had! 

Colors include:

  • Dirt Dobber Black
  • Black & Blue
  • Speckled Candy Craw
  • Creepy Camo Craw
  • Greedy Green Pumpkin
  • Dirty Pumpkin
  • P-Nut Butter Jelly
  • Okeechobee Craw